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Issue #1- Headed for Home

Issue 1 cover with 4 kids running
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This issue of Michigan History for Kids is called “Headed for Home.” As you read the stories, you will find three words that you may not know. The first is migrate (my-grate). That means to move from one place to another. The second new word is emigrate (em-i-grate). Emigrate means to leave your country to live in a new one. The last word is immigrant (ih-ma-grent). Immigrants are people who settle in a country where they were not born. Inside are many stories, questions, puzzles, and games that will help you learn why people moved to, from, and around Michigan. Have fun!

Activities in this Issue

A Good Read: The Colored Car

Book cover of The Colored Car.

Place to Visit: Eyaawing Museum and Cultural Center

Colored photograph of the Eyaawing Museum and Cultural Center

Who Were the Coureur de Bois?

Man dressed as a coureur de bois looking over his shoulder.

Junior Historian: Is It a Primary Source or a Secondary Source?

Back of a postcard

Michigan Profile: Meet Marylou Olivarez-Mason

Black and white photo of Marylou Olivarez-Mason at age 4

The Amazing Life of Elizabeth Dennison Forth

black and white photo of Elizabeth Dennison Forth

A Path and Some “Points” of History

Gray arrowhead held on to background with copper wires

Michigan Item: Full-Circle Flier

robin on branch

From Germany to Michigan

portrait photograph of Wilhelm Boeing

Skill Builder: Help the Coureur de Bois Find Their Way!

compass rose


A man and woman hold a baby in front of a house. Two people stand on the porch of the house behind them.