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Resources for Websites

Do you appreciate a well-designed website for its creativity and content? Perhaps the website category is your ticket to fun! A website offers a great opportunity to create an interactive presentation of your topic. You are required to create your website by using the National History Day website software. NHD Weebly will not be used for the 2019-2020 contest year.

 Things to Remember:

  • The website deadline is before the actual contest because websites are blocked from editing so that judges may view and read ahead of time
  • There is a 1,200 word limit that applies to all student-composed words
  • Links to other websites should not be on your website (except to point out where to download software plug-ins)
  • A process paper and annotated bibliography are required
  • The website may contain multimedia clips that total no more than four minutes
  • All quotes and visual sources must be credited within the website
  • See the Contest Rulebook for more information

Online Submission and Project Deadlines
After Monday, April 13, students will be LOCKED OUT of editing their websites until the 2020 Michigan History Day State Finals is over. The version of the student website that is online Tuesday, April 14, is the final version, and no further editing is permitted until the State Finals is completed. This is to ensure that judges, who view the website entries in advance of the competition, will all see the same version of the project. Once the competition is over, students will again have access to their websites.

The Judging Process
The judges will already have reviewed your website, annotated bibliography, and process paper (both the bibliography and process paper should be incorporated into your site). They will meet with you for a 10-minute interview to discuss your work.

Your Audience
Websites are open to the public, but the audience will only be allowed to enter or exit in between interviews. No one may enter while a website interview is in progress, so make sure that family and friends arrive on time!

Review the Rules
Please review the rules for the competition and your category in the National History Day Contest Rulebook. The rulebook can be found online at



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