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If you enjoy “sniffing out” and exploring Michigan’s most fascinating historical facets, join us for our evening series of in-depth lectures. The Historical Society of Michigan’s History Hounds™ Lecture Series allows attendees to delve into Michigan’s history and dig up a bone or two of new appreciation to take home.

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  • Lectures start at 7 p.m. (unless noted) at the Meijer Education Center at the Historical Society of Michigan, 5815 Executive Dr., Lansing, Michigan. The lecture and Q&As usually last about an hour.
  • Registration for each History Hounds lecture closes at 3 p.m. the day BEFORE the scheduled talk. Seating is limited. Walk-ins are welcome as long as seats are still available.
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*For full interaction, microphone and webcam are required on your device. Instructions on how to remote-in to the workshop will be sent to attendees.


December 12, 2018

Riding the Rails: The Pere Marquette 1225 Locomotive

with Kevin P. Keefe, Author

The Pere Marquette 1225 was just one of dozens of “Berkshire”-type steam locomotives. Most went to the scrapyards, but the 1225 survived as an outdoor exhibit at Michigan State University. This is the amazing story of the rebirth of the historic Berkshire locomotive and her becoming the real-life model for the Polar Express.

January 9, 2019

America’s First Female Flier: Harriet Quimby

with Robert Myers, Historical Society of Michigan

Michigan-native Harriet Quimby gained fame as America’s first woman pilot. A true Renaissance woman, she was also a drama critic for Leslie’s Illustrated Weekly; a motion picture screenwriter and actress; a stage actress; and even a spokesperson for Vin Fiz grape soda. Discover the meteoric rise and sudden fall of this little-known American legend.

February 13, 2019

Murder and Mayhem II: True Crime in Michigan History

with Tobin Buhk, Author

Author Tobin Buhk returns to History Hounds with more stories of true crime in the Great Lakes State. The 1916 poisoning of the Peck family of Grand Rapids; murderer Helmuth Schmidt; Mary McKnight, the Strychnine Saint–all are ghastly tales from Michigan’s history. Learn about these and more in this spellbinding lecture.

March 13, 2019

Grist for the Mill: Holland’s DeZwaan Windmill

with Alisa Crawford, Windmill Island Gardens, City of Holland

One of Holland’s most marvelous structures, the DeZwaan Windmill, is a genuine, working Dutch windmill that remains the only one of its kind in the entire United States. Come listen to our speaker explain how the DeZwaan Windmill came to be known as one of Michigan’s greatest Dutch treasures.

Registration for this History Hounds will be available soon.

April 10, 2019

Votes for Women: A Century of Suffrage

with Elizabeth Ann Homer, Author

Come to hear new insights about the women and men who won universal suffrage in America. Why did it take so long? How did they persevere? Who composed the pro-suffrage coalition–and who opposed them? Find the answers to these questions and more as History Hounds explores the story of woman suffrage.

Registration for this History Hounds will be available soon.

May 8, 2019

A Circle of Seasons: Exploring Ojibwa Culture

with Gerry Gould (Okema Son-Non-Quet Gould), Nokomis Learning Center

The Anishinaabe, called the Ojibwa or Chippewa by Europeans, traditionally collected and stored food according to the seasons. They made maple sugar in the spring, gathered berries and other foods in the summer, harvested wild rice in the fall, and hunted in the winter. Learn about the Anishinaabe’s four seasons in this fascinating History Hounds.

Registration for this History Hounds will be available soon.

June 12, 2019

Living with the Enemy: WWII POWs in Michigan

with Gregory D. Sumner, University of Detroit Mercy

During WWII, Michigan hosted about 6,000 German and Italian prisoners of war in camps throughout both peninsulas. The POWs cut pulpwood, harvested and canned fruit, and filled other jobs. Escape attempts were rare, and many prisoners enjoyed their forced stay in America. Join us to explore this little-known chapter of Michigan history.

Registration for this History Hounds will be available soon.

July 10, 2019

Made in Michigan: Classic Autos

with Jay Follis, Gilmore Car Museum

Not every Michigan-made automobile rolled off the assembly lines of the “Big Three.” Dozens of other independent automakers produced cars, including Checker Motors in Kalamazoo, Maxwell of Detroit, and Austin of Grand Rapids. Come to discover the stories behind some of these lesser-known autos in this presentation.

Registration for this History Hounds will be available soon.

August 14, 2019

Buried Alive: The Barnes-Hecker Mine Disaster

with Jim Paquette, Marquette Regional History Center

In 1926 in the Upper Peninsula, 51 men perished when a dynamite blast released a torrent of water and mud into the Barnes-Hecker iron mine near Ishpeming. The disaster widowed 42 women and left 132 children without fathers. Join us to discover the story of Michigan’s worst mining disaster.

Registration for this History Hounds will be available soon.

September 11, 2019

Bombs Over Michigan: WWII Japanese Balloon Attacks

with Michael Unsworth, Michigan State University

At the end of World War II, Japan launched an aerial armada of 9,000 balloons against the United States and Canada. The balloons carried bombs, which were intended to start forest fires. About a thousand of them reached North America, and several struck Michigan. Come to learn about this improbable bombing campaign.

Registration for this History Hounds will be available soon.

October 9, 2019

Written in Stone: The Sanilac Petroglyphs

with Stacy Tchorzynski, Michigan State Historic Preservation Office

Back by popular demand! Archaeologist Stacy Tchorzinski returns for an encore presentation about the Sanilac Petroglyphs, the largest collection of Native-American rock carvings known in Michigan. Attendees will learn about the site through archaeological and tribal perspectives and find out about current plans to preserve and interpret this important place.

Registration for this History Hounds will be available soon.

November 13, 2019

From Isolationist to Internationalist: Senator Arthur Vandenberg

with Hendrik Meijer, Meijer Inc.

Senator Arthur Vandenberg was a leading voice for isolationism during the 1930s, but his foreign policy views changed after the attack on Pearl Harbor. He then led the Republican Party into internationalism, supporting the Truman Doctrine, the Marshall Plan, and NATO. Vandenberg’s leading biographer explores the life of this great Michigan statesman.

Registration for this History Hounds will be available soon.

December 11, 2019

Of Art & Architecture: Pewabic Pottery

with Cara Catallo, Pewabic Pottery

In 1903, Mary Chase Perry Stratton and Horace Caulkins founded Pewabic Pottery in Detroit and changed the world of ceramics. Pewabic lamps, vessels, and architectural tiles earned the company worldwide fame. Pewabic tiles grace churches, libraries, museums, and public buildings. Come to learn about the heritage and influence of this historic pottery.

Registration for this History Hounds will be available soon.

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