Past Issues

Back issues of Michigan History dating from November/December 2009 can be purchased online or by calling (517) 332-1828.

Issues prior to November/December 2009 can be purchased from the Michigan Historical Center’s museum gift shop by calling (517) 373-1375.

Electronic Access

Michigan residents can also access previous issues dating back to 1998 through the Michigan Electronic Library (MeL) system. Once on the MeL site, choose “Databases” from the menu at the top. On the database page, scroll about half way down to find General Reference Center Gold. Choose the Gold database. Click on the button “Publication Search,” which is under the search tool. Type “Michigan History Magazine” into the search bar under the words Publication Search on the page. Choose Michigan History Magazine – State of Michigan for issues from 1998 to 2009. Choose Michigan History Magazine – Historical Society of Michigan for issues 2009 to present. To search through the magazine, use the search tool that says “within publication” on the right-hand menu.


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