Performers: La Compagnie Musical Dance Troupe


French-Canadian and Scots-Irish music, dance, and folklore of Michigan

La Compagnie Musical Dance Troupe was founded in 2007 by Genot Picor in an effort to preserve French-Canadian and Scots-Irish influence on music, dance, and folklore of Michigan. Over the years, “La Compagnie” has performed in several venues ranging from festivals, reenactments, museums, libraries, and the historical rendezvous. Made up of five core musicians and a dancer, La Compagnie can include other professional musicians and dancers to provide your venue with an authentic, custom designed, well-researched performance experience.

Visit their website at:

La Compagnie is a listed performing ensemble with the Michigan Arts and Humanities Council’s Touring Directory, which makes them eligible for available grant money (


Prices: $1,000-$1,800 per performance


Genot Picor
30717 Lund Ave.
Warren, MI 48093
(586) 558-8065


“La Compagnie played at our historic Rendezvousa-At-The-Soo in Sault Ste. Marie, in July, 2012. Their performance on our first night found our entertainment relocated to the City Hall because of the weather. La Compagnie provided our audience with the music of Old French Michigan, Scots-Irish toe-tappers and Great Lakes sea-shanties. By the end of the evening, people were dancing and singing along. The next night, La Compagnie performed outdoors, and our patrons participated in sing-a-longs and a community dance number or just sat back and enjoyed the music. Visit their website at:”
—Angie Patterson, Project Administrator, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan


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