Performers: Trois Bouffons

Tres BuffonTrois Bouffons specializes in music, stories and simple community dance of early French Michigan, which were typically performed at a veillée, or social gathering. Community dances were meant to be simple so that everyone could participate. Step-dancer Sheila Graziano can be included in the performance to demonstrate dance styles common to a particular era or region of Michigan. Trois Bouffons has also designed performances around themes common to particular eras of Michigan history. For this purpose, a percussionist is also available. Trois Bouffons has performed at reenactments, museums, libraries and festivals.

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Fee range: $450-$1650, based on travel distance from the Metro Detroit area, the inclusion of a dancer and/or percussionist, number of performances requested and number of days at a particular location. Overnight accommodations are appreciated when necessary.

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