Speaker: Ric Mixter

Great Lakes History

It’s been said that more people learn about Great Lakes history from Ric Mixter than from any other source. He’s written and produced over 30 programs on shipwrecks for PBS, The Outdoor Channel and the Vision Network. Ric has also been featured as a shipwreck expert on the Discovery Channel and History Channel, diving over 100 shipwrecks including the Edmund Fitzgerald. A dynamic, energetic speaker, Ric loves to share his knowledge and underwater video!

Programs include:

  • Final Run: Great Lakes Storms
  • The Edmund Fitzgerald Investigations
  • Valley Girls: Shipwrecks from the Saginaw Valley
  • Deep Six: The Great Lakes Largest Shipwrecks
  • Safe Ashore: The 1940 Armistice Day Storm
  • A “Superior Design”: Whalebacks on the Great Lakes
  • Learning to SCUBA dive
  • Great Lakes Shipwrecks
  • Underwater Creatures of the Lakes
  • Cutter Rescues: USCG Mackinaw, Escanaba, Sundew and Hollyhock

Ric Mixter
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