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Books for Inclusion in HSM Magazines

Submit a nonfiction book for potential inclusion in our publications. 

Submitting Books for HSM Publications

HSM regularly highlights new Michigan history books in its three publications. The academic journal The Michigan Historical Review features reviews written by experts in the field, while magazines Michigan History and Chronicle list summaries of recent historical books. 

If you would like your book considered for inclusion in one or more of our publications, please send two copies to Book Review Editor, Historical Society of Michigan, 7435 Westshire Drive, Lansing, MI 48917. 

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Book Submission Guidelines:

  • Only published books will be considered for inclusion in HSM's magazines.
  • A book must have an ISBN to be considered for inclusion.
  • The book must be available for purchase by the general public.
  • Books must be newly published, i.e. less than two years old.
  • HSM will determine the publication(s) in which a book will appear, if approved.
  • Only nonfiction books related to Michigan’s history will be considered. The book must have at least 50% Michigan-based content.

Keep in Mind:

  • HSM Publications does not review books in the following categories: fiction, books based on the supernatural or conjecture.
  • Books must be published editions—no review copies, ARCs, or galleys are accepted.
  • Books sent to HSM Publications are non-returnable and become property of HSM Publications once received.
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Have Questions? 

Email our editorial team at to see if your nonfiction title qualifies for submission. We'd love to hear from you!