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Resources for Documentaries

Do you find yourself watching the History Channel a lot on television? Do you like the idea of interviewing people? Are you familiar with and excited about using editing software? A documentary might be just the right mix of technology and creativity. It uses audiovisual equipment to explain your topic’s significance just like a professional documentary would set out to do. Documentaries typically use photographs, film, and audio recordings.

Things to Remember:

  • May not be longer than 10 minutes
  • Students must film and edit production
  • The documentary must have recorded narration, not live narration
  • Credits must be shown at the end of the documentary
  • A process paper and annotated bibliography is required
  • See the Contest Rule Book for the complete set of rules.

Uploading Process (2022 instructions coming soon!
Please see the Contest Guide for details about submitting your project. Students will upload a single PDF with their title page, process paper, and annotated bibliography and a link to their documentary to the registration system.

Review the Rules
Please review the rules for the competition and your category in the National History Day Contest Rule Book. The rule book can be found online at You do not have to provide your own computer.



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