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Resources for Websites

Do you appreciate a well-designed website for its creativity and content? Perhaps the website category is your ticket to fun! A website offers a great opportunity to create an interactive presentation of your topic. You are required to create your website by using the National History Day website software. NHD Weebly will not be used for the 2020-2021 contest year.

2020-2021 Changes to NHD WebCentral

• iPad/tablet compatibility! Websites can be edited through any browser on tablets. We still encourage students to view their website on desktop or laptop computers but 1:1 iPad classrooms can now build and edit on their devices.
• The need to add a container before building each page is GONE. Every blank template now starts with a container so the student can drag and drop their elements into that container.
• There is one set of column blocks instead of the confusing two sets. The new column blocks are easy to use and function much better.
• The Auto Nav is now the standard navigation block to be used for menus. It has been improved but students are free to still use link blocks to create their own menu if they choose.
• Browser issues with Safari have been resolved.
• The theme design manager is now available. Students can select a font, color, background, and Auto-Nav settings before creating their pages. This theme will carry across all pages of their website but they do have the option of modifying their theme page to page.
• The Safari video playback issue has been resolved.

 Things to Remember:

  • The website deadline is before the actual contest because websites are blocked from editing so that judges may view and read ahead of time
  • There is a 1,200 word limit that applies to all student-composed words
  • Links to other websites should not be on your website (except to point out where to download software plug-ins)
  • A process paper and annotated bibliography are required. They must be in PDF format and included as an integrated part of the website.
  • The website may contain multimedia clips that total no more than three minutes
  • All quotes and visual sources must be credited within the website
  • See the Contest Rule Book for the complete set of rules.

Submission Process
Please see the Virtual Contest Guide for details about submitting your project. Students will share the link to their website in the registration system. The process paper and annotated bibliography will be embedded in their website. Student will be locked out of making changes to their websites at 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, March 31, 2021. Websites will unlock on April 25, 2021.

Review the Rules
Please review the rules for the competition and your category in the National History Day Contest Rule Book. The rule book can be found online at



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