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History Hounds® Lecture Series

Our History Hounds® Lecture Series offers weekly in-depth programs where attendees can curl up with historical topics.


"Sniff out" the past with History Hounds

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Enjoy learning about Michigan history in a casual setting? Our lectures are for you!

Join us for our weekly History Hounds® presentations and discover more of Michigan's history. From the Underground Railroad to shipwrecks, our diverse offering of lectures are a popular event for our members and community. You can find a schedule of upcoming topics and speakers below.

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Upcoming Lectures

NOTE: Registration for each History Hounds® event closes 3 hours prior to the event time—9 a.m. ET for Tuesday midday lectures and 4 p.m. ET for Wednesday evening lectures.

Registrations completed after those times will not be processed in time for live viewing of the event. 

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Fly Me to the Moon? The Story of the First Lady Astronaut Trainees



In 1961, Dr. William Randolph Lovelace II invited the nation’s best female airplane pilots to his medical facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he subjected them to physical and psychological exams designed to determine if they had “the right stuff” to fly in space. Now commonly known as the Mercury 13, that class of First Lady Astronaut Trainees (FLATs) included twins, a senator's wife, a few mothers, and a woman who would realize their shared dream of becoming an astronaut 60 years later.

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Shifting Sands: Shaping Saugatuck's Natural Landscape



Explore the layered history of the Lake Michigan shoreline near the mouth of the Kalamazoo River. This program examines the important role of forests in the history of the Saugatuck and Douglas area—touching on the lore of “Michigan’s Pompeii,” the mill town of Singapore. Additionally, attendees will delve into the cultural significance of the area’s environmental history, including the rise of West Michigan’s fruit industry and the wooden architecture of steamship and automobile tourism.

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Trailblazers and Icons: The Great Women of Mackinac, 1800-1950



The great women of Mackinac were trailblazers who established the community on Mackinac Island. They were leaders in the island’s fur trade, healthcare, literature, horse culture, and education, and their lives ran the gamut from scandal to tragedy. The personal stories of those women—including Madeline Laframboise, Agatha Biddle, Margaret Fuller, and Daisy Blodgett—reveal inventiveness and perseverance in a time when women had few rights.

Read More About Trailblazers and Icons: The Great Women of Mackinac, 1800-1950

Grand Rapids, The Furniture City: An Enduring History



Beginning in the mid-nineteenth century, a group of cabinetmakers and entrepreneurs remade a Michigan river town  into the center of furniture production in the United States. Yet, far from a simple story of luck and perseverance, the city’s success was achieved by vision, skill, trials, and struggle—including the furniture strike of 1911. Far more than a place to buy chairs and tables, “Furniture City, U.S.A.” is the product of a community’s shared determination.

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Programs alternate each week between Wednesday evenings (7 p.m. Eastern) and Tuesday afternoons (12 p.m. Eastern) and last for approximately one hour. All programs will be virtual until further notice. Browse upcoming lectures below, and sign up today!


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