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Lesson plans have been created to provide more detailed activities that can be used in the classroom or at home. The lesson plans amplify the magazine’s content and present additional information that enhance the students’ learning experiences.

How can I find lesson plans for a specific topic, issue, or standard?

1. Check out the links below to see a list of Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCE) for each grade level and any stories, activities, or lesson plans that align with each GLCE. You can also view time periods if that helps during your planning. You can even download the document to your computer so you can search, sort, and organize for you.

3rd Grade GLCE Connections

4th Grade GLCE Connections 

2. Use the search feature at the bottom of page. This is the best way to search if you want to see the lesson plans for each issue.

Tips for finding lesson plans:

  • Use the Filter Category Name box to search by keywords or topics. 
  • Use the Grade Level Content Expectation box to search by a specific standard.
  • Use the Issue Number box to see all the lesson plans associated with a specific issue. Click here to see the list of issue numbers.


Filter Content

A Path and Some “Points” of History Lesson Plan

Eight arrowheads of different sizes on a burlap backing.

Students learn about why Native Americans migrated. They learn why they used projectile points and how they were made.

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Animal Groups & Family Names Lesson Plan

school of yellow perch

Students will learn some of the group and family names scientists use for animals. They will conduct research on a specific animal and share that information with classmates. Students will use the information from the research presentations to complete the Animal Groups & Family Names online activity.

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Arab-American Resources

young girl wearing hijab on a stage

A list of some resources to support instruction about Arab Americans.

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Archaeology Resources

woman standing in a square pit and working with an artifact

Additional resources to support student understanding of the Hidden History and Digging for History articles.

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Assembly Line Resources

workers checking airplane wings at the Willow Run factory

Additional resources to support student understanding of the Working the Line article.

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Bagatitway Resources

painting showing Native men and boys playing bagatitway

Additional resources for bagatitway and lacrosse.

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