Historic Michigan Travel Guide

current-travel-guide-coverMichigan’s history is closer than it appears…with the new 7th Edition Historic Michigan Travel Guide

Chock-full of photos and featuring 525 museums, historic sites, and historical attractions, the Historic Michigan Travel Guide is a must-have for anyone who wants to explore the rich cultural and heritage resources Michigan has to offer.


The new 7th edition offers photos of the sites if they were provided; a brand-new category: historic inns; QR codes, which connect you to information on the Internet via smart phones and other devices; a redesigned layout that makes it easier to navigate through the pages to find what you are looking for; and a back-cover introduction by Tim Allen, the voice of Pure Michigan!

Plus, members of the Historical Society of Michigan receive a discount of 33% off the retail price! That comes to just $5.95 for members (regular price is $8.95) plus tax and shipping. Order your Historic Michigan Travel Guide today!


Whether you’re riding the waves on the Great Lakes, cruising down one of the state’s many scenic routes, or stopping to discover an area’s local culture and history, Michigan’s heritage beckons to be explored. People love to experience Michigan because every place you visit you discover something new about our state’s diverse history. And the Historic Michigan Travel Guide is the perfect companion on those excursions—it helps you find all those intriguing locations you never knew existed.

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