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From published nonfiction history texts to guides for navigating our state's historical organizations, find it all here.

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From travel guides to nonfiction texts, get the latest published works from the Historical Society of Michigan (HSM) and explore even more of Michigan's history. Below are titles currently published by HSM. For our periodicals and magazines, including Michigan History magazine, please visit the HSM Publications page. 

Historic Michigan Travel Guide 8th Edition

Historic Michigan Travel Guide (8th Ed.)

Whether you’re riding the waves on the Great Lakes, cruising down one of the state’s many scenic routes, or stopping to discover an area’s local culture and history, Michigan’s heritage beckons to be explored. The Historic Michigan Travel Guide is the perfect companion on those excursions—it helps you find all those intriguing locations you never knew existed. The 8th Edition Historic Michigan Travel Guide is chock-full of photos and featuring nearly 500 museums, historic sites, and historical attractions.

Fiery Trial

Fiery Trial

By Judge James H. Lincoln and James L. Donahue

The Great Fire of 1881 that swept Michigan’s Thumb left more in its wake than death and destruction; it left permanently implanted impressions in the minds and hearts of the survivors. This New Edition of James H. Lincoln and James L. Donahue’s noteworthy work examines the tragedy for a new century. Originally published in 1984, Fiery Trial is a testimony to the hearty pioneers who survived one of the greatest disasters in Michigan’s history and rebuilt their towns, farms, homes, and lives.

Michigan History Directory Cover

Michigan History Directory (14th Ed.)

The Michigan History Directory keeps Michigan’s history at everyone’s fingertips and serves as a valuable resource for those researching our Great Lakes State’s history. The Historical Society of Michigan’s goal with this publication is to list EVERY historical entity in Michigan, regardless of membership in the Society and at no cost. The 14th edition featured more than 1,000 locations in Michigan that offer history resources.

Don't forget Michigan History!

For readers, history enthusiasts, and historians alike, the bimonthly Michigan History magazine is your one-stop shop for history content. Read exclusive feature articles, explore lesser-known facets of the Great Lakes State, get the latest regional history news, and discover much more. Michigan History is included with all HSM memberships and is available as a separate subscription. Learn more and get reading reading today!

March/April 2024 Cover of Michigan History Magazine


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