Historic Memorials Society in Detroit

Local Organizations DefaultThe Historic Memorials Society in Detroit was originally founded in 1891 as the Mount Vernon Society of Detroit, a local unit of the Mount Vernon Ladies Association of the Union (the oldest women’s charity organization in the United States). In 1922, the organization was renamed the Historic Memorials Society in Detroit and began its current mission of focusing on the preservation of civic memorials around the country and particularly the Detroit area.

Since its reorganization in 1922, the society has donated to more than 100 different organizations, funds, societies, and projects around the Detroit area, the state of Michigan, and in several locations around the United States of America.

For a brochure with a full history of the organization and/or membership information, contact Judy Anders at the e-mail address provided below.


Judy Anders, President




Historical Society of Michigan 7435 Westshire Dr., Lansing MI 48917
Email hsm@hsmichigan.org | Phone (517) 324-1828 | Fax (517) 324-4370

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