Speakers: Dave & Al Eicher

Great Events in Michigan’s History

Al and David Eicher, have for the past thirteen years produced 23 Michigan visual history documentaries. Their efforts in preserving town histories and events in Michigan have led to the creation of a lecture series. They have designed these lectures, including multimedia displays, for Colleges, Historical Societies, Libraries, Church Groups and Museums. Historic objects and documents are also on display. The visual segments originate from an interactive DVD, which is shown on a video projection system or large screen television. We’ve prepared a 2 minute “Lecture Tour” sample showing at various locations. Go To www.program-source.com and click on the lecture series button. Our presentations range from forty-five minutes to sixty minutes, with a question and answer session to follow. Please book 6-8 weeks in advance to insure date and time.

For more information and service fee, call Al or Dave Eicher at (248) 333-2010 or email us at info@program-source.com .



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