Storyteller: Michael P. Deren

Historical Reenactments – The Past in Person

“The Past in Person” PIP, Michael Deren is an accomplished musician, songwriter, and storyteller. The presentations are historical, musical, educational, participative programs presented as one of seven characters from the 19th or 20th centuries. Characters include an 1870 shanty boy/lumberjack; 1840 Erie Canal boat captain; 1880 Northern Michigan iron worker; 1875 Great Lakes schooner captain; 1865 Civil War musician; 1870 railroad engineer; and a 1941 Civilian Conservation Corps enrollee.




Performance: $375-$600
Workshop: $375-$450
Residency: $525-$600; plus travel


Michael Deren
2640 Powell
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 663-9634


Historical Society of Michigan 7435 Westshire Dr., Lansing MI 48917
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