Storyteller & Speaker: Robert Stone

Robert Stone“Near as I Remember…” Reflections of a Veteran of the American Civil War

One-hundred and fifty years after its end, the Civil War still fascinates. But is it possible to hear an actual veteran of the conflict describe his experiences during that era?

My original lecture series “Near as I Remember” makes this possible!

Through 25-plus years in Civil War reenacting, I amassed deep, firsthand knowledge regarding the soldiers’ life and times. My talks convey the nitty-gritty of their diet, their clothing and weapons, the songs they sang, and life on campaign and in camp.

I speak in the guise of a Michigan veteran in 1896, when the war was a fresh memory. I remain in first-person throughout my hour-long presentations. This unique trait draws people in, regardless of age, gender, or familiarity with the Civil War.

I hope you will visit to view a list of my talks and to see what past audiences have said about them. Thank you!

Phone: (734) 645-1069
Availability: Year-round
Fee: $50 per presentation plus mileage


Historical Society of Michigan 7435 Westshire Dr., Lansing MI 48917
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